December 17, 2014

Sunshine Gifts

It’s ok to demand a little more from the sunshine than what she actually gives.  Everyone sees colors in their own way…literally or metaphorically.  The sunshine helps us interpret those colors in the ways that we do.  Someone might see a light orange when they look up into the sky at noon.  Someone else might see a light blue hue surrounded by orange highlights.  Someone else might see neither of these…but might see a whole other universe instead.  These lives, our visions, our interpretations…they’re ours to create, to see, to interpret.  To box in an idea…any idea…based on what “reality” says should be is not living in my book.  That is merely existing.  To exist without choice is only to exist.  I say look up at the sunshine…see an orange, see a blue, see a giant dragon!  See that which feels like home.  For that is the way humanity can truly experience the gift of living.  It’s ok to demand a little more from the sunshine than what she actually gives.

December 24, 2013

A Christmas Thought…

Here we are…at the time of the year when most people look back and reflect on their lives, experiences, successes, failures, relationships, and beliefs. Most are also looking ahead, planning for the coming year…preparing and constructing their goals, purposes, and aspirations as the old year draws towards an end. Many people enjoy the comforts and pleasures of reflecting on past accomplishments and experiences with loved ones…sharing meals together, exchanging gifts with one another, and generally being thankful for having such people in their lives. This is a time where most individuals really embrace the idea of “family” and truly slow down just enough to realize what that entails. It is my purpose to fully embrace this recognition of family and love during this beautiful Christmas season, the end of the old year, and perpetually and indefinitely throughout the coming year and on. Past successes don’t always guarantee future successes. Failures don’t always condemn impending doom. Family, however, on whatever level one chooses to acknowledge or experience it, is the heartbeat of everything. It is one thing that will always just “BE.” Love makes the world turn. It is the creative power in the Universe. Embrace it and accept it on any and every level during this wonderful time of year and try to carry those thoughts, intentions, and feelings with you throughout the duration of the coming year and watch the world open up and shower you with blessings. Every day is Christmas if you let it be.
Merry Christmas, everyone.

Sun Shadows

September 10, 2013

Born Of The Sun

Resurrected from the ashes
With the rising of the sun
Born again when darkness passes
And a new existence comes

We’re born of the sun, born of the sun

When the promise of tomorrow
Rules the choices of today
Every hour harbors sorrow
And the sunlight fades away

We’re born of the sun, born of the sun

Every day starts over at one
With each passing day we’re born of the sun

The walls of destiny are falling
Never more a slave to fate
The universe is at your calling
This is your life to create

We’re born of the sun, born of the sun

Every day starts over at one
With each passing day we’re born of the sun

Here and now holds all the answers
So open up your mind and ask
Tear away your mental cancer
Come taste victory at last

Every day starts over at one
With each passing day we’re born of the sun


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August 11, 2013

Don’t Let Life Get in the Way of Living

I’m happy to just exist.  Perhaps that’s rather existential of me, but, without apology, I’ve made the rounds in life enough to realize over and over again that life is the result of our states of mind.  Choices, problems, unpleasant circumstances…they’re part of everyone’s lives…but the ability of those things to adversely affect someone is entirely permission given.  You choose your state of mind in regards to everything involving everything.  So…be positive if you can help it.  Be optimistic if you can stand it.  Be ferociously enthusiastic if you can swing it.  Be a warrior of light if you can bring it.  Live, act, and react in such a way that makes you the best or happiest being you can be…every day.  To put it simple, I’m saying “Don’t let life get in the way of living.” I’m thankful for my breath.  I’ll celebrate my existence with each one.