March 20, 2014

Enthusiasm In Contagious

Enthusiasm is contagious.  I find it amusing that people will listen to you as long as you SOUND like you know what you’re talking about regardless of whether or not you actually DO know what you’re talking about.  It seems as though many people are looking for someone to talk to and are excited about listening to someone who SOUNDS like they’re informed and legit.  Enthusiasm is contagious in that regard.  I’ve been in many situations (which are entertaining to me) where I get excited and enthusiastic about something (of which I completely fabricate) and speak “intelligently” about it just to experiment and see what people’s reactions are.  Oddly enough, many of them smile and jump on the enthusiasm bandwagon with me!  I always reveal afterwards, of course, so as not to ultimately steer someone in the wrong direction, that I completely made it up…but it doesn’t change the fact that their initial inclinations are to believe!  Enthusiasm is contagious…regardless of whether or not it’s caused by some concrete culprit or by some element of fabrication.  Use it wisely.

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