April 11, 2013

Many Thanks to Brian “The Hammer” Jackson and New Jersey Senator Robert Singer!!!

Hey people!!!  Many, many thanks to EVERYONE all around the world who tuned in to the interview today with myself, Brian “The Hammer” Jackson and New Jersey Senator Robert Singer on BlogTalkRadio.  We had enlightening and inspiring discussions regarding today’s Recording Artists, the Music Industry, Music itself, where the art is heading, where the business is heading and how to take advantage of it, several “debaucherous” activities of the past and, more than likely, the future, and My New Upcoming SOLO album currently slated to be released sometime in the Fall (stay tuned for details regarding the date).  Additional topics discussed with the Senator were “The New Republicam, Immigration, and Gun Control…..interesting and incendiary topics indeed!  Stay tuned for more upcoming shows on BlogTalkRadio with the legendary Brian “The Hammer” Jackson!