April 18, 2016

A Lament to the Digital World

What a ridiculous reality we live in today in this “digital age.” My purpose is not to complain, I’m simply lamenting the passing of the days where conversation and situations took place via a phone call or in person thus allowing the participants to engage in “human” interaction instead of typing something out in a message or a text and relying on the receiver to interpret the exact meaning behind it without any vocal inflections or human aspects to rely on. It’s impossible to effectively communicate one’s exact meaning to someone else simply through typing words..especially when you consider the fact that the language someone uses is more or less around 10% of the actual “communication” that takes place. Roughly 90% of someone’s message goes un-communicated to the recipient. I mean, hey, I know we’re working on artificial intelligence and we’re getting closer and closer each and every day to machines with massive sentient capabilities (scary) but do we really need to “artificially” box ourselves into a communicative culture that steps backwards in terms of one on one interactions while we move forward with a man-made intelligence that’s effectively becoming more and more “human?” We’re intentionally dumbing ourselves down and trading places with our creations. Perhaps the ancient “phone call” is a good starting point to getting back on track to being human.. 😉