July 1, 2016

Listen To Your Bodies

LIFE LESSON:  Listen to your bodies.  I learned this lesson recently in a trial by fire.  Almost two weeks ago I was taken to the emergency room as a result of a strange feeling I had in my entire torso…a feeling and, a bit later, a pain of which I had never experienced.  My initial instinct was that something potentially fatal was brewing, but the logical side of me said “Nah, it’s nothing..it’ll pass.”  Well, it didn’t.  I was eventually taken to the hospital where it was discovered that I was experiencing a pulmonary embolism on both sides of my lungs as a result of a cast being put on my leg too tightly three weeks earlier.  Blood clots had formed in my leg as a result of the restrictive cast and several had broken off and gone to my lungs.  A whole variety of doctors told me how lucky I was and that, in all honesty, the likelihood of me having survived my particular case was extremely low.  I was told point blank I should have died.  If I hadn’t eventually listened to my body and gone to the hospital that first night, I would be dead.  I would not have survived the night.  Their words, not mine.  This was, needless to say, sobering to hear…especially when considering the fact that I’ve always been extremely healthy and have never been in a situation quite like this before.  I’ve lived rambunctiously, no doubt, but nothing quite like this has ever threatened me before.  Diving back even further, when the cast was initially put on my leg, I could feel it was too tight.  I even spoke up and let the doctors know it was extremely tight, unnecessarily tight, but they assured me that “this was the way it was supposed to feel” and “not to worry about it.”  Having never had a cast on my leg before I thought “Ok, they’re the doctors.  They know best.”  Not true in this particular case.  Had I listened to my instinct intently enough that first day and insisted they remove the cast and put another one on a bit looser, it’s extremely likely this entire situation could have been avoided in the first place.  I’m not blaming myself here.  I’m simply saying, once again, “Listen to your bodies.”  We have instincts for a reason.  And even if we don’t always understand why they make us feel what they make us feel, it’s important to understand that they make us feel certain ways for a reason.  Ignoring them is like playing with fire in a paper house.  It’s only a matter of time before the whole place burns down.  Don’t strike that match.  Listen to your instincts.  For those of you wondering where my health stands, I’m proud to say any potential life-threatening situations have passed and I’m on the fast-track to a monumental recovery.  I will have my full strength, power, and endurance back and be better than ever in another few weeks.  I’ll keep those who are interested updated.

LIFE LESSON:  Listen to your bodies.  Your life may depend on it.