October 12, 2013

Your Days Are Numbered…

…So don’t waste a single day letting life overshadow living.  In other words, don’t let the every day stresses, concerns, circumstances, situations, aggravations, and cancelations get in the way of you enjoying the every day sunshine, smiles, laughter, music, tastes, smells, and sounds that surround us and let us know each moment that we’re alive…  That is where the beauty lies.  That is the very essence of living.  It’s in the bitter-sweet taste of that drop of honey we add to our tea.  It’s in that accidental touch of life we feel as a gust of wind cools our faces after a long run…or a long day…or a long nap!  We smell the very essence of life itself when we catch that scent of honeysuckle in the Spring and we’re reminded of a time when we were kids…when life was much ‘more simple’…..all the while never quite realizing that that was indeed the most evolved way to view our own existence…through the eyes of a child…in complete wonder every “day” about every “thing”…when we were true Zen masters of our every day crusades. Smile through the eyes of a being that embraces living…not just life.  Shine on, grasshopper…

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August 11, 2013

Don’t Let Life Get in the Way of Living

I’m happy to just exist.  Perhaps that’s rather existential of me, but, without apology, I’ve made the rounds in life enough to realize over and over again that life is the result of our states of mind.  Choices, problems, unpleasant circumstances…they’re part of everyone’s lives…but the ability of those things to adversely affect someone is entirely permission given.  You choose your state of mind in regards to everything involving everything.  So…be positive if you can help it.  Be optimistic if you can stand it.  Be ferociously enthusiastic if you can swing it.  Be a warrior of light if you can bring it.  Live, act, and react in such a way that makes you the best or happiest being you can be…every day.  To put it simple, I’m saying “Don’t let life get in the way of living.” I’m thankful for my breath.  I’ll celebrate my existence with each one.

May 12, 2013


Today’s the day to give thanks to the Universe’s most magical and endearing beings…to those whom deserve the greatest and most precious gifts existence has to offer…to those whom, with their help, guidance, and wisdom, have helped pave the way for most of us to a much more beautiful future….to Our Mothers. Happy Mothers’ Day to you all…and thank you for being the beautiful souls you are.