June 1, 2014

SFH Live in Vienna @ “The Little” on Saturday the 7th, 2014!!!

Hey guys, I’m gonna be “holding court” at “The Little” this Saturday, the 7th for a few hours.  It’s my living room stomping grounds!  I’ll be getting back in town from Graz that afternoon so I’ll be ready to roll for a homecoming!  😉  Thus, I’ll allow myself to drift away a bit, which is always my favorite, and just jam some of my favorite tunes (both original and tribute) as well as go on a few random jam session tangents…as is my style 😉

So…come out and join me for a night of music, enthusiasm, light-hearted and fun-loving people, and a few pints of my favorite golden beverage….I believe it’s pronounced in German….“biiiiiieeeerrrr.”

I’ll start the show a little before 22:00 and I’ll play til about 23:30.  Bring it on like Donkey Kong!

Bis bald, leute!


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May 14, 2014

SFH Live in Vienna @ Bar 13 – 15.05.14

Hey Guys,
I’ve had a lot of requests from a lot of friends to play another show in Wien soon so I figured, “What the Hell?!?!” 🙂
So, given my schedule touring outside the city, I decided to play on a Thursday night since I don’t have any free weekends. Thus, I’m gonna jam for a few hours at BAR 13 on Himmelpfortgasse 13, 1010 on Thursday the 15th!!!
I’ll be there around 21:00 and will start playing around 22:00. Beers and laughter at my original Viennese stomping ground 😉 You’ve been warned…
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March 20, 2014

Enthusiasm In Contagious

Enthusiasm is contagious.  I find it amusing that people will listen to you as long as you SOUND like you know what you’re talking about regardless of whether or not you actually DO know what you’re talking about.  It seems as though many people are looking for someone to talk to and are excited about listening to someone who SOUNDS like they’re informed and legit.  Enthusiasm is contagious in that regard.  I’ve been in many situations (which are entertaining to me) where I get excited and enthusiastic about something (of which I completely fabricate) and speak “intelligently” about it just to experiment and see what people’s reactions are.  Oddly enough, many of them smile and jump on the enthusiasm bandwagon with me!  I always reveal afterwards, of course, so as not to ultimately steer someone in the wrong direction, that I completely made it up…but it doesn’t change the fact that their initial inclinations are to believe!  Enthusiasm is contagious…regardless of whether or not it’s caused by some concrete culprit or by some element of fabrication.  Use it wisely.

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January 16, 2014

SFH’s Final Pre-States Show

We’re here…my last show before heading to the States for a bit is happening tomorrow night (Friday night) at Molly Darcy’s on Teinfaltstrasse 6, 0101.   Love this place…one of the only pubs in Vienna that serve Newcastle!   I’m beginning tomorrow at 21:00 sharp and will play for a couple of hours.  Come on out and wish me a good journey with a pint and a grin and/or whatever.  May it be a night to remember.  The road awaits!



Haunted Forrest Road

December 24, 2013

A Christmas Thought…

Here we are…at the time of the year when most people look back and reflect on their lives, experiences, successes, failures, relationships, and beliefs. Most are also looking ahead, planning for the coming year…preparing and constructing their goals, purposes, and aspirations as the old year draws towards an end. Many people enjoy the comforts and pleasures of reflecting on past accomplishments and experiences with loved ones…sharing meals together, exchanging gifts with one another, and generally being thankful for having such people in their lives. This is a time where most individuals really embrace the idea of “family” and truly slow down just enough to realize what that entails. It is my purpose to fully embrace this recognition of family and love during this beautiful Christmas season, the end of the old year, and perpetually and indefinitely throughout the coming year and on. Past successes don’t always guarantee future successes. Failures don’t always condemn impending doom. Family, however, on whatever level one chooses to acknowledge or experience it, is the heartbeat of everything. It is one thing that will always just “BE.” Love makes the world turn. It is the creative power in the Universe. Embrace it and accept it on any and every level during this wonderful time of year and try to carry those thoughts, intentions, and feelings with you throughout the duration of the coming year and watch the world open up and shower you with blessings. Every day is Christmas if you let it be.
Merry Christmas, everyone.

Sun Shadows

December 13, 2013

SFH Live Sat.night at Il Toro in Vienna, Austria!

Hey people,
I’m playing a quick show this Saturday at “Il Toro” which is located at Rudolfsplatz 1, 1010 for a couple of dear friends of mine. I figured I’d just go ahead and jam for a while for anyone that wants to come. Everyone’s cool with that. So…without further ado, consider this your invitation to come out Saturday night around 20:00 or 21:00 until about midnight and enjoy some music, drinks, and, undoubtedly, some ridiculous behavior…mostly mine 😉
SFH Acoustic Show_2

November 15, 2013

A Dark Symphony

I’ve always wanted to write a terrifying symphony.  Not just a normal symphonic piece, but something that really delves down into the depths of the human psyche and the depths of the human soul and confronts the darker side of people…something that confronts people’s natural fears.  I’ve always found that people are truly themselves when they’re afraid.  It’s a natural instinct….survival mode, if you will.  All the acts and charades are gone.  All we’re left with is the essence of the person.  I would love to find the time to write this symphony that inherently made the listener become and project who they really are…  Cleanse the windows to the soul and see what truly lies beneath…

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October 12, 2013

Your Days Are Numbered…

…So don’t waste a single day letting life overshadow living.  In other words, don’t let the every day stresses, concerns, circumstances, situations, aggravations, and cancelations get in the way of you enjoying the every day sunshine, smiles, laughter, music, tastes, smells, and sounds that surround us and let us know each moment that we’re alive…  That is where the beauty lies.  That is the very essence of living.  It’s in the bitter-sweet taste of that drop of honey we add to our tea.  It’s in that accidental touch of life we feel as a gust of wind cools our faces after a long run…or a long day…or a long nap!  We smell the very essence of life itself when we catch that scent of honeysuckle in the Spring and we’re reminded of a time when we were kids…when life was much ‘more simple’…..all the while never quite realizing that that was indeed the most evolved way to view our own existence…through the eyes of a child…in complete wonder every “day” about every “thing”…when we were true Zen masters of our every day crusades. Smile through the eyes of a being that embraces living…not just life.  Shine on, grasshopper…

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October 1, 2013

Your own personal Wonderland……….

Imagine yourselves a place, an astral plane somewhere “out there,” where very old souls get together and rendezvous to practice and perfect their most effective methods of manifestation…..A members-only kind of place, where whatever you’re thinking of and whatever you think about comes to life in extravagantly vivid colors and sounds, and as the most intricate plots and circumstances…..Where the only limits that exist lie in your ability to imagine what you’ve never before imagined, and in your ability to act in anticipation of its “physical” expression…….A place where you’re untouchable…..Where Nothing is real, yet everything matters…..your own personal Wonderland……………

La La Land

September 10, 2013

Born Of The Sun

Resurrected from the ashes
With the rising of the sun
Born again when darkness passes
And a new existence comes

We’re born of the sun, born of the sun

When the promise of tomorrow
Rules the choices of today
Every hour harbors sorrow
And the sunlight fades away

We’re born of the sun, born of the sun

Every day starts over at one
With each passing day we’re born of the sun

The walls of destiny are falling
Never more a slave to fate
The universe is at your calling
This is your life to create

We’re born of the sun, born of the sun

Every day starts over at one
With each passing day we’re born of the sun

Here and now holds all the answers
So open up your mind and ask
Tear away your mental cancer
Come taste victory at last

Every day starts over at one
With each passing day we’re born of the sun


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