July 1, 2016

Listen To Your Bodies

LIFE LESSON:  Listen to your bodies.  I learned this lesson recently in a trial by fire.  Almost two weeks ago I was taken to the emergency room as a result of a strange feeling I had in my entire torso…a feeling and, a bit later, a pain of which I had never experienced.  My initial instinct was that something potentially fatal was brewing, but the logical side of me said “Nah, it’s nothing..it’ll pass.”  Well, it didn’t.  I was eventually taken to the hospital where it was discovered that I was experiencing a pulmonary embolism on both sides of my lungs as a result of a cast being put on my leg too tightly three weeks earlier.  Blood clots had formed in my leg as a result of the restrictive cast and several had broken off and gone to my lungs.  A whole variety of doctors told me how lucky I was and that, in all honesty, the likelihood of me having survived my particular case was extremely low.  I was told point blank I should have died.  If I hadn’t eventually listened to my body and gone to the hospital that first night, I would be dead.  I would not have survived the night.  Their words, not mine.  This was, needless to say, sobering to hear…especially when considering the fact that I’ve always been extremely healthy and have never been in a situation quite like this before.  I’ve lived rambunctiously, no doubt, but nothing quite like this has ever threatened me before.  Diving back even further, when the cast was initially put on my leg, I could feel it was too tight.  I even spoke up and let the doctors know it was extremely tight, unnecessarily tight, but they assured me that “this was the way it was supposed to feel” and “not to worry about it.”  Having never had a cast on my leg before I thought “Ok, they’re the doctors.  They know best.”  Not true in this particular case.  Had I listened to my instinct intently enough that first day and insisted they remove the cast and put another one on a bit looser, it’s extremely likely this entire situation could have been avoided in the first place.  I’m not blaming myself here.  I’m simply saying, once again, “Listen to your bodies.”  We have instincts for a reason.  And even if we don’t always understand why they make us feel what they make us feel, it’s important to understand that they make us feel certain ways for a reason.  Ignoring them is like playing with fire in a paper house.  It’s only a matter of time before the whole place burns down.  Don’t strike that match.  Listen to your instincts.  For those of you wondering where my health stands, I’m proud to say any potential life-threatening situations have passed and I’m on the fast-track to a monumental recovery.  I will have my full strength, power, and endurance back and be better than ever in another few weeks.  I’ll keep those who are interested updated.

LIFE LESSON:  Listen to your bodies.  Your life may depend on it.

April 18, 2016

A Lament to the Digital World

What a ridiculous reality we live in today in this “digital age.” My purpose is not to complain, I’m simply lamenting the passing of the days where conversation and situations took place via a phone call or in person thus allowing the participants to engage in “human” interaction instead of typing something out in a message or a text and relying on the receiver to interpret the exact meaning behind it without any vocal inflections or human aspects to rely on. It’s impossible to effectively communicate one’s exact meaning to someone else simply through typing words..especially when you consider the fact that the language someone uses is more or less around 10% of the actual “communication” that takes place. Roughly 90% of someone’s message goes un-communicated to the recipient. I mean, hey, I know we’re working on artificial intelligence and we’re getting closer and closer each and every day to machines with massive sentient capabilities (scary) but do we really need to “artificially” box ourselves into a communicative culture that steps backwards in terms of one on one interactions while we move forward with a man-made intelligence that’s effectively becoming more and more “human?” We’re intentionally dumbing ourselves down and trading places with our creations. Perhaps the ancient “phone call” is a good starting point to getting back on track to being human.. 😉

March 16, 2016

An Opinion On Fun

Earlier today I was approached by a peculiarly enthusiastic “housing-challenged” individual in a subway station. He wasn’t asking for financial contributions, and I quickly found myself engaged in conversation due in no small part to the fact that he was boasting the biggest smile on his face I’d seen all day.  He asked me, in English, no less, what my opinions were in regards to what I felt was one of the most important pursuits for an individual throughout his/her life.  I thought about it briefly and went through all the normal clichés such as satisfaction in one’s career, financial prosperity, family dealings, love, romance, etc.  And while all of these pursuits are indeed advantageous to one’s psyche and while they all are, without question, fantastic and, in one way or another, fulfilling pursuits, I found a common thread woven throughout them all that struck me almost immediately…A theme that, upon successful execution of any one and/or all of the previously mentioned pursuits, seems to consistently accompany them all…A theme that, even as a child, is ferociously and fantastically monumental to our day to day lives.  Thus, after brief but careful consideration, I looked at him dead in the eye and proudly spoke a one-syllable response:  “Fun.”  That was my answer.  In no shape, form, or fashion do I presume that this opinion is universal to everyone as I’m sure a whole variety of ideas could be presented and argued convincingly in regards to such a question.  I’m simply recognizing that which is most prevalent in the way I see the world.  Fun, in my mind, can be found in all of the pursuits mentioned above: a satisfying career, family, financial prosperity, love, romance, as well as any other worthwhile pursuit of choice I could imagine.  Enjoying something is a choice.  It’s a decision.  It’s not necessarily a result of any particular circumstance, rather, it’s a choice that is made in response to that circumstance.  Life is too short to choose not to have fun.  Thus, I was privileged to have to define that which is paramount in my life’s pursuits as a result of an oddly delivered and timed question from an oddly enthusiastic and contagiously jolly individual.  I hear the universe speaking loud and clear…and it’s saying, without exception, “Have fun.”

December 17, 2014

Sunshine Gifts

It’s ok to demand a little more from the sunshine than what she actually gives.  Everyone sees colors in their own way…literally or metaphorically.  The sunshine helps us interpret those colors in the ways that we do.  Someone might see a light orange when they look up into the sky at noon.  Someone else might see a light blue hue surrounded by orange highlights.  Someone else might see neither of these…but might see a whole other universe instead.  These lives, our visions, our interpretations…they’re ours to create, to see, to interpret.  To box in an idea…any idea…based on what “reality” says should be is not living in my book.  That is merely existing.  To exist without choice is only to exist.  I say look up at the sunshine…see an orange, see a blue, see a giant dragon!  See that which feels like home.  For that is the way humanity can truly experience the gift of living.  It’s ok to demand a little more from the sunshine than what she actually gives.

March 20, 2014

Enthusiasm In Contagious

Enthusiasm is contagious.  I find it amusing that people will listen to you as long as you SOUND like you know what you’re talking about regardless of whether or not you actually DO know what you’re talking about.  It seems as though many people are looking for someone to talk to and are excited about listening to someone who SOUNDS like they’re informed and legit.  Enthusiasm is contagious in that regard.  I’ve been in many situations (which are entertaining to me) where I get excited and enthusiastic about something (of which I completely fabricate) and speak “intelligently” about it just to experiment and see what people’s reactions are.  Oddly enough, many of them smile and jump on the enthusiasm bandwagon with me!  I always reveal afterwards, of course, so as not to ultimately steer someone in the wrong direction, that I completely made it up…but it doesn’t change the fact that their initial inclinations are to believe!  Enthusiasm is contagious…regardless of whether or not it’s caused by some concrete culprit or by some element of fabrication.  Use it wisely.

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December 24, 2013

A Christmas Thought…

Here we are…at the time of the year when most people look back and reflect on their lives, experiences, successes, failures, relationships, and beliefs. Most are also looking ahead, planning for the coming year…preparing and constructing their goals, purposes, and aspirations as the old year draws towards an end. Many people enjoy the comforts and pleasures of reflecting on past accomplishments and experiences with loved ones…sharing meals together, exchanging gifts with one another, and generally being thankful for having such people in their lives. This is a time where most individuals really embrace the idea of “family” and truly slow down just enough to realize what that entails. It is my purpose to fully embrace this recognition of family and love during this beautiful Christmas season, the end of the old year, and perpetually and indefinitely throughout the coming year and on. Past successes don’t always guarantee future successes. Failures don’t always condemn impending doom. Family, however, on whatever level one chooses to acknowledge or experience it, is the heartbeat of everything. It is one thing that will always just “BE.” Love makes the world turn. It is the creative power in the Universe. Embrace it and accept it on any and every level during this wonderful time of year and try to carry those thoughts, intentions, and feelings with you throughout the duration of the coming year and watch the world open up and shower you with blessings. Every day is Christmas if you let it be.
Merry Christmas, everyone.

Sun Shadows

November 15, 2013

A Dark Symphony

I’ve always wanted to write a terrifying symphony.  Not just a normal symphonic piece, but something that really delves down into the depths of the human psyche and the depths of the human soul and confronts the darker side of people…something that confronts people’s natural fears.  I’ve always found that people are truly themselves when they’re afraid.  It’s a natural instinct….survival mode, if you will.  All the acts and charades are gone.  All we’re left with is the essence of the person.  I would love to find the time to write this symphony that inherently made the listener become and project who they really are…  Cleanse the windows to the soul and see what truly lies beneath…

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October 12, 2013

Your Days Are Numbered…

…So don’t waste a single day letting life overshadow living.  In other words, don’t let the every day stresses, concerns, circumstances, situations, aggravations, and cancelations get in the way of you enjoying the every day sunshine, smiles, laughter, music, tastes, smells, and sounds that surround us and let us know each moment that we’re alive…  That is where the beauty lies.  That is the very essence of living.  It’s in the bitter-sweet taste of that drop of honey we add to our tea.  It’s in that accidental touch of life we feel as a gust of wind cools our faces after a long run…or a long day…or a long nap!  We smell the very essence of life itself when we catch that scent of honeysuckle in the Spring and we’re reminded of a time when we were kids…when life was much ‘more simple’…..all the while never quite realizing that that was indeed the most evolved way to view our own existence…through the eyes of a child…in complete wonder every “day” about every “thing”…when we were true Zen masters of our every day crusades. Smile through the eyes of a being that embraces living…not just life.  Shine on, grasshopper…

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October 1, 2013

Your own personal Wonderland……….

Imagine yourselves a place, an astral plane somewhere “out there,” where very old souls get together and rendezvous to practice and perfect their most effective methods of manifestation…..A members-only kind of place, where whatever you’re thinking of and whatever you think about comes to life in extravagantly vivid colors and sounds, and as the most intricate plots and circumstances…..Where the only limits that exist lie in your ability to imagine what you’ve never before imagined, and in your ability to act in anticipation of its “physical” expression…….A place where you’re untouchable…..Where Nothing is real, yet everything matters…..your own personal Wonderland……………

La La Land

August 11, 2013

Don’t Let Life Get in the Way of Living

I’m happy to just exist.  Perhaps that’s rather existential of me, but, without apology, I’ve made the rounds in life enough to realize over and over again that life is the result of our states of mind.  Choices, problems, unpleasant circumstances…they’re part of everyone’s lives…but the ability of those things to adversely affect someone is entirely permission given.  You choose your state of mind in regards to everything involving everything.  So…be positive if you can help it.  Be optimistic if you can stand it.  Be ferociously enthusiastic if you can swing it.  Be a warrior of light if you can bring it.  Live, act, and react in such a way that makes you the best or happiest being you can be…every day.  To put it simple, I’m saying “Don’t let life get in the way of living.” I’m thankful for my breath.  I’ll celebrate my existence with each one.