December 25, 2014

A Christmas Poem

Some go for chocolate, savory and divine,

Some go for whisky, tequila, and lime.

Some prefer turkey and some prefer ham,

Some prefer stuffing with strawberry jam.


Some want the morning to come rather quick,

Enthused for their bounty from good ole’ St. Nick.

Some want their stockings to brim with delight,

While some just want warmth on a cold Winter’s night.


Some want their presents up under the tree,

While some just want time spent with their family.

Some dream of sunshine while some dream of snow,

Some want the rays of a cool winter’s glow.


Some long for families with whom they can dine,

While some wish to relax alone with their wine.

Some prefer strudels and some prefer cake,

Some prefer pies that entrance when they’re baked.


Some want the cookies while some want the joy,

Some want the eggnog and some want the toys.

Some want an excuse to go have a ball…

Some want the memories, but I want it ALL 😉


Merry Christmas, Everyone!!!  May you all have a beautiful holiday with your loved ones and may your smiles be filled with the sun, moon, and stars.

December 17, 2014

Sunshine Gifts

It’s ok to demand a little more from the sunshine than what she actually gives.  Everyone sees colors in their own way…literally or metaphorically.  The sunshine helps us interpret those colors in the ways that we do.  Someone might see a light orange when they look up into the sky at noon.  Someone else might see a light blue hue surrounded by orange highlights.  Someone else might see neither of these…but might see a whole other universe instead.  These lives, our visions, our interpretations…they’re ours to create, to see, to interpret.  To box in an idea…any idea…based on what “reality” says should be is not living in my book.  That is merely existing.  To exist without choice is only to exist.  I say look up at the sunshine…see an orange, see a blue, see a giant dragon!  See that which feels like home.  For that is the way humanity can truly experience the gift of living.  It’s ok to demand a little more from the sunshine than what she actually gives.