July 1, 2016

Listen To Your Bodies

LIFE LESSON:  Listen to your bodies.  I learned this lesson recently in a trial by fire.  Almost two weeks ago I was taken to the emergency room as a result of a strange feeling I had in my entire torso…a feeling and, a bit later, a pain of which I had never experienced.  My initial instinct was that something potentially fatal was brewing, but the logical side of me said “Nah, it’s nothing..it’ll pass.”  Well, it didn’t.  I was eventually taken to the hospital where it was discovered that I was experiencing a pulmonary embolism on both sides of my lungs as a result of a cast being put on my leg too tightly three weeks earlier.  Blood clots had formed in my leg as a result of the restrictive cast and several had broken off and gone to my lungs.  A whole variety of doctors told me how lucky I was and that, in all honesty, the likelihood of me having survived my particular case was extremely low.  I was told point blank I should have died.  If I hadn’t eventually listened to my body and gone to the hospital that first night, I would be dead.  I would not have survived the night.  Their words, not mine.  This was, needless to say, sobering to hear…especially when considering the fact that I’ve always been extremely healthy and have never been in a situation quite like this before.  I’ve lived rambunctiously, no doubt, but nothing quite like this has ever threatened me before.  Diving back even further, when the cast was initially put on my leg, I could feel it was too tight.  I even spoke up and let the doctors know it was extremely tight, unnecessarily tight, but they assured me that “this was the way it was supposed to feel” and “not to worry about it.”  Having never had a cast on my leg before I thought “Ok, they’re the doctors.  They know best.”  Not true in this particular case.  Had I listened to my instinct intently enough that first day and insisted they remove the cast and put another one on a bit looser, it’s extremely likely this entire situation could have been avoided in the first place.  I’m not blaming myself here.  I’m simply saying, once again, “Listen to your bodies.”  We have instincts for a reason.  And even if we don’t always understand why they make us feel what they make us feel, it’s important to understand that they make us feel certain ways for a reason.  Ignoring them is like playing with fire in a paper house.  It’s only a matter of time before the whole place burns down.  Don’t strike that match.  Listen to your instincts.  For those of you wondering where my health stands, I’m proud to say any potential life-threatening situations have passed and I’m on the fast-track to a monumental recovery.  I will have my full strength, power, and endurance back and be better than ever in another few weeks.  I’ll keep those who are interested updated.

LIFE LESSON:  Listen to your bodies.  Your life may depend on it.

April 27, 2016

Trade Winds and Westerlies

Hush, now, and listen in suspense
To that which claims omnipotence,
A clamor, yet so intimate
As if a breeze would break it.
A secret knows when it’s been kept
Just as a tear jilts those who’ve wept,
Even if one dare not accept
The charge that shall forsake it.
Entrapped, entangled, intertwined
As thorns and roses grace the vine
That feeds one’s soul, yet, leaves one blind
To all that they’ve aspired.
Some wish to see, yet, fear such sight
Concerned the truth, however plight,
Would only serve to expedite
They’re fate upon the pyre.
Thus, joy amassed in light of such
A grim and ghastly hallowed touch
Is laudable, and yet too much
Is deemed rather unwitting.
So let’s put to the plight a plan
And fix not on fate’s slight of hand.
Remember, lightning turns one’s sand
To glass once struck…how fitting.
Now, eyes uncluttered, brave the tide
Of realization brimming wide
Within those craving to collide
With preference and conception.
For, once exposed, once interlaced
With what one wants, one can’t erase
One’s gospel, thus, one should embrace
One’s own obliged perception.
So, here, one might find one’s regard
Amply arrayed among the stars
To revolutionize the scars
That threaten all-consumption.
Yet, irony would seek to claim
It’s loathsome spot within this game,
Reminding those that with such changes
Come the need for gumption.
That being said, a hope remains
For those inclined to fan the flame
Of enterprise, yet ascertain
Such purpose is protected.
Intent of such a magnitude
Can, without any doubt, exude
Upon one’s faith, and, thus, collude
With that which is expected.
So, climb the mountain, scale the slope
Of transformation, hold the rope
For dedication, grasp the scope
Of what, now, can transpire.
Atop the peak, from shore to shore,
A fearsome cry, a shout, a roar
Of victory forever more,
If one should so desire.
One final thought, one last refrain
That cannot help but entertain,
Shall find its way, just as the rain
To earth, into this rhyme.
To those with whom these words relate,
With whom this poem reverberates…
Ahhh, never mind, it’s rather late…
Perhaps another time.


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April 18, 2016

A Lament to the Digital World

What a ridiculous reality we live in today in this “digital age.” My purpose is not to complain, I’m simply lamenting the passing of the days where conversation and situations took place via a phone call or in person thus allowing the participants to engage in “human” interaction instead of typing something out in a message or a text and relying on the receiver to interpret the exact meaning behind it without any vocal inflections or human aspects to rely on. It’s impossible to effectively communicate one’s exact meaning to someone else simply through typing words..especially when you consider the fact that the language someone uses is more or less around 10% of the actual “communication” that takes place. Roughly 90% of someone’s message goes un-communicated to the recipient. I mean, hey, I know we’re working on artificial intelligence and we’re getting closer and closer each and every day to machines with massive sentient capabilities (scary) but do we really need to “artificially” box ourselves into a communicative culture that steps backwards in terms of one on one interactions while we move forward with a man-made intelligence that’s effectively becoming more and more “human?” We’re intentionally dumbing ourselves down and trading places with our creations. Perhaps the ancient “phone call” is a good starting point to getting back on track to being human.. 😉

March 16, 2016

An Opinion On Fun

Earlier today I was approached by a peculiarly enthusiastic “housing-challenged” individual in a subway station. He wasn’t asking for financial contributions, and I quickly found myself engaged in conversation due in no small part to the fact that he was boasting the biggest smile on his face I’d seen all day.  He asked me, in English, no less, what my opinions were in regards to what I felt was one of the most important pursuits for an individual throughout his/her life.  I thought about it briefly and went through all the normal clichés such as satisfaction in one’s career, financial prosperity, family dealings, love, romance, etc.  And while all of these pursuits are indeed advantageous to one’s psyche and while they all are, without question, fantastic and, in one way or another, fulfilling pursuits, I found a common thread woven throughout them all that struck me almost immediately…A theme that, upon successful execution of any one and/or all of the previously mentioned pursuits, seems to consistently accompany them all…A theme that, even as a child, is ferociously and fantastically monumental to our day to day lives.  Thus, after brief but careful consideration, I looked at him dead in the eye and proudly spoke a one-syllable response:  “Fun.”  That was my answer.  In no shape, form, or fashion do I presume that this opinion is universal to everyone as I’m sure a whole variety of ideas could be presented and argued convincingly in regards to such a question.  I’m simply recognizing that which is most prevalent in the way I see the world.  Fun, in my mind, can be found in all of the pursuits mentioned above: a satisfying career, family, financial prosperity, love, romance, as well as any other worthwhile pursuit of choice I could imagine.  Enjoying something is a choice.  It’s a decision.  It’s not necessarily a result of any particular circumstance, rather, it’s a choice that is made in response to that circumstance.  Life is too short to choose not to have fun.  Thus, I was privileged to have to define that which is paramount in my life’s pursuits as a result of an oddly delivered and timed question from an oddly enthusiastic and contagiously jolly individual.  I hear the universe speaking loud and clear…and it’s saying, without exception, “Have fun.”

January 13, 2016

SFH Acoustic Round Live @ The Highlander, Vienna, 5.2.2016

The time has finally come again to bring on some beer-fueled, acoustic-styled American music in good ole Vienna, Austria…courtesy of Yours Truly and the Highlander Scottish Pub. I’ll be playing on February 5th from 21:00 to midnight at the Highlander on Garnisongasse 3 in the 9th district. It’s always a unique experience there..no doubt due to ample amounts of Guinness and Jameson mixed with a care-free and fun-loving environment..so, if you’re down to enjoy an evening of booze, tunes, and sarcasm, come on out and enjoy the brilliance of “spirits-inspired” entertainment. As always, clothes are optional…*sarcasm*

April 19, 2015

SFH – Round 2 – “Future Funk and Ghost Rock” Extravaganza

With Special Guests: SOUND DIARY!!!!!

And the Funk continues… 😉 Round 1 was such a magical evening. Round 2 promises to be even bigger!
Monday, May 11th at Cafe Carina on Josefstadter Strasse 84 at 21:00…the show begins. The U6 train station will never be the same.
Expect some ferocious “Future Funk and Ghost Rock” from the SFH Trio, some unapologetic blues, some hypnotic groove-rock, and a Drum-and-Bass section that will cause you to forget to breathe and make you feel as though your soul has somehow ascended into Nirvana. Did I mention soulgasms…? 😉 This is how we prefer to tell the truth…
So bring on the beer, fill up those glasses, open your ears, and come shake your asses…
This night is dedicated to everyone who lives to love and loves to live!
You’ve been warned. Be there.

Future Funk

Future Funk

December 25, 2014

A Christmas Poem

Some go for chocolate, savory and divine,

Some go for whisky, tequila, and lime.

Some prefer turkey and some prefer ham,

Some prefer stuffing with strawberry jam.


Some want the morning to come rather quick,

Enthused for their bounty from good ole’ St. Nick.

Some want their stockings to brim with delight,

While some just want warmth on a cold Winter’s night.


Some want their presents up under the tree,

While some just want time spent with their family.

Some dream of sunshine while some dream of snow,

Some want the rays of a cool winter’s glow.


Some long for families with whom they can dine,

While some wish to relax alone with their wine.

Some prefer strudels and some prefer cake,

Some prefer pies that entrance when they’re baked.


Some want the cookies while some want the joy,

Some want the eggnog and some want the toys.

Some want an excuse to go have a ball…

Some want the memories, but I want it ALL 😉


Merry Christmas, Everyone!!!  May you all have a beautiful holiday with your loved ones and may your smiles be filled with the sun, moon, and stars.

December 17, 2014

Sunshine Gifts

It’s ok to demand a little more from the sunshine than what she actually gives.  Everyone sees colors in their own way…literally or metaphorically.  The sunshine helps us interpret those colors in the ways that we do.  Someone might see a light orange when they look up into the sky at noon.  Someone else might see a light blue hue surrounded by orange highlights.  Someone else might see neither of these…but might see a whole other universe instead.  These lives, our visions, our interpretations…they’re ours to create, to see, to interpret.  To box in an idea…any idea…based on what “reality” says should be is not living in my book.  That is merely existing.  To exist without choice is only to exist.  I say look up at the sunshine…see an orange, see a blue, see a giant dragon!  See that which feels like home.  For that is the way humanity can truly experience the gift of living.  It’s ok to demand a little more from the sunshine than what she actually gives.

August 11, 2014

SFH’s “Randy Rockedelic Rhythmic Circus” LIVE @ Music-Oase on 29/8!!!

Hey people!

So, I’ve got some news. By popular request, I’m jamming on another new, big, beautiful stage at the brand new Music-Oase in the Bohmischer Prater on Friday, August 29th from 8:30 to 11:00pm. This place looks awesome with a killer sound system and a big, ravishing stage. Looking forward to playing here. As always, get there early since I must be finished playing by 11:00pm.

Bring your thirst and your enthusiasm for alcohol as well as your enthusiasm for music 😉 I’m gonna lay it down 😉 And, of course, at some point I’m sure there will be nudity…


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July 1, 2014

The Arena Beisl in Wien welcomes Scott Foster Harris!!!

SO…FINALLY…….it looks like I’m playing a show at the Arena Beisl on Monday, the 14th of July.  It’s about time!  I’ve been asked to do shows there many, many times over the past few months by many, many people, but I was never able to due to scheduling.  Well, after lots of schedule mangling, we were able to figure out a date where I was free and, as a result, booked the show at the Arena Beisl!  FINALLY!
I’ve been writing a LOT of new songs…very “dark, haunted blues” oriented songs…and I’ll be debuting a number of them at this show.  So, if you like those “Johnny Cash” and “Rolling Stones” type songs I’ve played at previous shows, you’ll dig these 😉
In addition to that, I’ll be celebrating the upcoming release of my newest League of Gentlemen album with Tracii Guns.  So…I’ll probably play a song or two from that album.
And, to all the LA GUNS fans out there, I’ll FINALLY play one of our LA GUNS songs for you all since I haven’t done that yet at any of my solo shows.  People keep asking, so I figured, “Why not?  I guess it’s time” 😉
And, last but not least, I’ll be celebrating my two-month long break from Jack Daniels by drinking a lot of Jack Daniels 😉  So, if clothes come off and it gets loud, just know it’s all part of the experience…and, of course, we can simply blame it on the whiskey 😉
Don’t be shy, now…  See you all there.
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